Cover image of Kevin Proulx, Jelly Nin-Marroquin, and two baby tortoises at TortoiseLand

Introducing TortoiseLand’s Blog

What Is TortoiseLand’s Blog All About?

We are happy to announce this year’s TortoiseLand blog! Our team has been working together to bring you the most up-to-date tortoise and turtle (chelonian) care tips, and facts, straight to you. Our goals are to bring awareness to not only the tortoises and turtles at TortoiseLand, but also the very few that are left in the wild. This blog will have viewers like you help us reach our goals, as well as bring in the donations needed for our wonderful US 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization.

There will be blog topics on our fundraisers, required equipment for TortoiseLand, as well as our special features on our reptile friends here at TortoiseLand. We will offer blogs that are free, as well as donate-to-view. Please continue to support TortoiseLand through donations, and adopting tortoises and turtles, so that we can keep TortoiseLand up and running!

What Is So Special About TortoiseLand?

TortoiseLand is a community of knowledgeable chelonian caretakers. Kevin, our president, runs the US 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization in his very home. TortoiseLand is located in Los Angeles, California. Many people have respect for Kevins love and dedication towards mostly chelonians, but all animals in need as well. Kevin has taken in various species of turtles and tortoises, as well as a couple of squirrels. He has saved the lives of many animals, as well as rehomed everything from Box Turtles to African Desert Tortoises. You can learn more about Kevin on our website’s homepage: as well as keeping track of him and the tortoises on instagram:@Thetortoiseguykevin.

We know there are thousands of free sources on the internet to get your information from, so why is it so important to keep up with TortoiseLand’s blog? This article will hopefully answer all of your questions, and possibly bring new ones to light. You might be on this very article, debating if this is the information that is going to help you. We understand the skepticism, and that is exactly why we are here; to guide you straight to the right information.

There will be several free blogs provided a month, as well as ones that you can gain access to through a donation of any amount. By purchasing these special blogs through donation, you can make a huge difference, and get proper chelonian education; Everyone wins!

The reason why we are doing two different blogs is so that viewers can have access to free important information, while also having the choice to benefit TortoiseLand. With every donation, your money will go straight to the well being of a Tortoise or Turtle. We also are counting on and appreciative of donations, of any amount to TortoiseLand through our website and fundraisers. We only have so much in our budget to take these reptiles to the vet, to feed them, get them necessary vitamins, medications, etc. It is important that we get help from our supporters, so we can continue to protect these amazing and majestic creatures.

Why Do You Keep Mentioning “Chelonian”? What The Heck Is That?

A word you are commonly going to see on this blog is Chelonian. This is the scientific grouping of tortoises, turtles, and terrapins. TortoiseLand does not currently have any terrapins. However there are plenty of turtles and tortoises, so it is important that you understand the umbrella term for it all, instead of constantly using the words “tortoise” and “turtle”.

There are many different types of chelonians at TortoiseLand. We have everything from your common pet-store chelonians; Russian Desert tortoises, Box turtles, and Red Eared Sliders. TortoiseLand also keeps bigger Tortoises, such as Red Foots, Leopard Tortoises, and African Spurred tortoises. Tortoises are technically turtles, but not all turtles can be tortoises! When referring to so many different types of turtles, “chelonian” is common ground to discuss them all at once.

How Can People Help Support TortoiseLand?

There are so many ways that we would appreciate your support. That’s actually why we started this blog. We want to create connections with people like you, who love and care for all animals- especially tortoises! You can help us out simply by keeping up with this blog, and making donations when possible. You can also contact our organization’s president, Kevin. The absolute best thing you can do to show support is ADOPT from TortoiseLand, rather than purchase a tortoise from a breeder, or big pet store chain.

You can also donate supplies to TortoiseLand. We are in need of equipment, such as heat pads, plastic pools, saline solution, and vitamin mix. These are just some of the things TortoiseLand needs.

What’s Next for TortoiseLand’s Blog

As mentioned earlier, I will be posting blogs about our upcoming fundraisers, our reptile friends that are in need of medication, equipment, and adopting. I will also be posting content that doesn’t have much to do with TortoiseLand, such as various reptile species that aren’t necessarily tortoises or turtles. There will never be a shortage of interesting content, we promise! For now, please stay tuned.