TortoiseLand wins over Jazz Festival

The Tortoises of TortoiseLand were the stars of the show at the 4th annual Leimert Park Jazz Festival!

What a treat and an honor it was for me and TortoiseLand to be invited to this hugely popular and hugely attended musical event.  Over 3,000 people attended and TortoiseLand was given a huge tent in the “Kid’s Zone” to show off the 50 plus tortoises we brought.

Our staff volunteers Eternity, Robert and Junior worked hard putting together portable pens for the tortoises, pictures and information of all of the tortoise species currently at TortoiseLand and even an incubator with unhatched egg!

Hundreds of excited jazz fans and their kids came to our tent and were beyond thrilled to meet so many different species of tortoises, including lots of our precious babies, and even got to gently rub their shells—all the while educating the public on the plight of tortoises and turtles worldwide, and ways we humans can help them not just survive but thrive.

Our super curious and super friendly big girl, Diggah, the “gentle giant of TortoiseLand,” won over the crowd as she marched all around the entire festival grounds and literally stopped the show as she marched right up to center stage and wowed the crowd! Because of her antics, hundreds of jazz fans raced to the TortoiseLand tent to see the dozens of other tortoises on display.

Believe it or not, this amazing festival was the very first time TortoiseLand was invited to a public event.  And it won’t be our last!  TortoiseLand has since attended a wonderful children’s festival and we’ve already been invited back to the 5th annual Leimert Park Jazz Festival!  We also are invited to attend the local Bronson Block Party on April 29th 2024 so watch out world, the tortoises of TortoiseLand just might be heading your way—and they’re way faster than you may think!