Gina Rubinstein

Gina Rubinstein is an Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer of nonfiction television. Raised in Bryn Mawr, PA, she’s a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College. Rubinstein’s #1 love has always been animals and she’s worked hard to improve their welfare. She volunteered for over 15 years as a lead coordinator for the cat rescue and adoption program “Cat Faire”, which was sponsored by “Actors & Others For Animals”, whose Board of Directors included Betty White. Gina then went on to found her own 501(c)3, “One Cat At A Time”, which paid vet bills for low-income pet owners and animal rescue workers. A long-time colleague and friend of Kevin Proulx, she’s always admired and appreciated his work with tortoises. She was honored and delighted to accept his invitation to join the Board of Directors of “TortoiseLand.” Rubinstein is also actively involved in the Burning Man community and in her second term on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles League of Arts (LALA), which is the official organization for Los Angeles Burning Man.

Our Leaders

The members of our Board of Directors come from diverse backgrounds and professions, but all share a deep love for animals and a strong commitment to improving their welfare and future. Each one brings unique expertise and experience to this endeavor; collectively, we cover all the bases needed to succeed.