Karen Leeburg

Born in Santa Monica (a few miles from TortoiseLand) and raised in coastal Orange County, Karen spent her childhood tending her family’s menagerie: two dogs, four cats, two parakeets, six rabbits, a chicken, a hamster, 17 rats, a box turtle, and a tortoise named Elmer. She spent summers bodysurfing at the local beach and backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, cementing a lifelong love of the outdoors and a strong drive to protect animals and their habitats. In high school, Karen served as the student representative to the Board of Directors of her 500-student alternative school. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Karen worked in academic publishing before transitioning to technical writing. Her 35-year career has included working for Autodesk, Apple, Adobe and currently Symantec. In 2004 Karen was appointed to her local public library’s Board of Directors, where she served two four-year terms. In recent years she has extended her frequent pet-sitting gigs to fostering dogs and cats for several Bay Area animal rescue organizations.

Our Leaders

The members of our Board of Directors come from diverse backgrounds and professions, but all share a deep love for animals and a strong commitment to improving their welfare and future. Each one brings unique expertise and experience to this endeavor; collectively, we cover all the bases needed to succeed.