Julie Stromberg

Julie Stromberg is an experienced civil litigator focusing on educational, civil, and disability rights. In her early career, Ms. Stromberg was a litigation attorney focused on environmental and business litigation. Ms. Stromberg expanded her area of practice to include education law with an emphasis on special education law after her experience as a parent of a child with learning differences. Prior to launching her own practice, Ms. Stromberg was Senior Staff Attorney with the Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC), 501C-3 non-profit, public interest advocacy organization that champions the civil rights of people with disabilities through education, advocacy, and litigation. As a Senior Attorney with the DRLC, Ms. Stromberg represented persons with disabilities who experienced discrimination in violation of their civil rights, and worked to remove barriers to full participation by persons with disabilities in schools. A bulk of her practice included representing children in the foster youth system with various disabilities.  Ms. Stromberg continued her representation of foster youth as a Senior Attorney with the Law Offices of Hirji & Chau LLP, a boutique law firm focusing on educational and civil rights. Her experience representing a wide array of children with disabilities from various backgrounds enables her to provide a comprehensive and empathetic approach with a unique understanding of the nuances of each individual matter brought before her.

Ms. Stromberg’s experience as the mother of a young child with learning differences ignited a profound passion for special education advocacy and the desire to advocate on behalf of children and their families. She represents youth with a wide range of disabilities and their families at IEP meetings, mediation, administrative due process hearings, and in state and federal courts. Ms. Stromberg has deep experience with every aspect of special-education practice and has cultivated the legal expertise necessary to help her clients face a full spectrum of issues. She represents her clients using a multi-disciplinary approach aiming to address the multi-faceted and complex issues each client and their family may face; including, but not limited to, special education, dependency, access to medical and mental health services, conservatorships, and more. Her goal with each client is to make a meaningful, lasting impact on her client.

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